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We add value to your systems

End-to-end service that guides your business through the adoption of online systems.

Business analysis and review

Before committing to a solution our consultants are available to complete an independent review of your existing systems architecture. We'll provide the necessary recommendations to re-design, automate and create efficient online systems to replace and improve them.

Health Check

You might already be using some of the systems we work with but perhaps they're not running as smooth as they should be. We can evaluate the current state of play and create a plan to get the most of the existing system or add in new systems to compliment the setup.


You might be evaluating several different systems but they all seem similar and it's difficult to know which is the best fit for your business. Use our knowledge and experience to compare each system in detail. Rest easy knowing we are not bias towards one system over the other.


When considering multiple integrated systems, sometimes it can be useful to have a visual overview of the proposed solution. Once we have scoped your unique requirements we'll prepare a systems architecture diagram to be used as the building plan going forward.

Proven implementation process

After completing some business analysis and understanding your requirements our role is then to provide an expert project management service that guides you through the implementation of new systems. Our expertise is minimising the disruption to everyday business, protecting the integrity of data throughout the change over and providing best practice advice along the way.

Stage 1. Project Planning

These activities are intended to confirm the scope of the implementation and agree to the required commitments and timelines. During this stage we aim to set the right expectations for the project and to schedule time together as required. We will also setup and maintain an online project board so you can follow our progress.

Stage 2. Data Migration

During this stage you are required to provide us with all relevant data. Templates can be provided and we are available to assist with manipulating data where it is beyond your capability. It's our responsibility to import this data into the system and provide advice on how the data could be structured for efficient workflows and reporting.

Stage 3. Configuration & Integration

Initially the configuration stage is a chance for us to setup the relevant applications, modules and integrations. This is mostly completed by our team but we will consult with you through out the process. During the testing phase we require some example transactions from you to establish relevant workflows.

Stage 5. Testing and Training

Employee training is an important part of how we deliver our service. It is during the training sessions that we're able to refine system configurations to better meet your business requirements. We aim to provide a suitable amount of training before going live and we are always on hand for the first day of trading.

Stage 5. Go Live

This stage is designed to make you fully prepared for going live. It starts with providing an initial training course with relevant staff members and testing each module with real transactions. We will confirm the date for going live with you and schedule any associated activities. We are available to assist with final data exports.

Stage 6. Support & Review

The support stage is a chance to review the system after some time of live trading. During this time we can refine system configurations, customise meaningful reports and provide some extra training. You can expect that by the end we will have covered everything you need to operate the system correctly. 

World Class Systems Support

The breadth and depth of our expertise in business systems poises us to provide class leading advice and support tailored to your needs. We offer application specific support packages to help you through even the toughest of situations:

Additional services

Our depth of experience and exposure to hundreds of different businesses means we have developed an ability to benchmark and understand what is the best practice for your business. Beyond the initial implementation we are able to offer the following value added services:

Historical Data

We have developed methods for warehousing historical data and in some cases we're able to import historical data into your new system.

Operating Procedures

Workflow process diagrams and bespoke training documentation to minimise the impact of change and to define roles and responsibilities.

Custom Reporting

If you have long standing or unique reporting needs then we will work with you to establish new reports that meet your requirements.

Custom Integration

Through our network of contractors, developers and 3rd party integrators you gain access to combinations of software not available off the shelf.

Warehouse Systems

Warehouse layout and workflow analysis with recommendations on systems and hardware to improve warehouse accuracy and efficiency.

Monthly Management

One point of contact for regular maintenance and ongoing support. One consolidated monthly bill for multiple cloud services.

Free initial consultation

We offer a free initial consultation service to better understand your business systems requirements. Book a time to speak with one of our cloud advisors now.

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