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Actionable Insights for your Business

Having an extensive data & analytics strategy for your business is crucial to understanding it's strengths and weaknesses. Get the insights you need to execute and achieve your goals.

Business Intelligence as a Service

The term Business Intelligence (BI) encapsulates the practice of using technology to integrate and consolidate data from all functions of a business to derive actionable insights. The ultimate purpose of Business Intelligence is to foster smarter decision making through visibility and data driven reporting.

The average business makes decisions from basic financial reporting which offers a single dimensional view of performance. With the right technology stack, any business can obtain a full 360 view of all functions from HR and Finance/Payroll to Production, Inventory and Sales. No matter your specific reporting and BI requirements, ALTSHIFT can blaze the path towards obtaining actionable insights. Below are a couple of use cases for Business Intelligence:

Scenario Planning

Whether you are planning big capital investment on plant or expansion into a new territory, Business Intelligence allows you to visualise these decisions against a forecast to see the impact in real time with ease.

Inventory & Replenishment

For product based businesses, Business Intelligence can help you forecast demand allowing you to reduce inventory levels and increase cash-flow.

Customer Analysis

Be it via online chat, email or social media - your customers are interacting with your business through many different channels. Consolidate all of these data sources to get the full picture of your customer base.

Reporting Needs Assessment

The volume of data a business collects in trading almost doubles annually, with a lack of actionable insights costing businesses between 20 - 35% of operating revenue. If your business has multiple data sources with no mechanism to consolidate and visualise that information, you could be missing the bigger picture through traditional reporting methods. ALTSHIFT has the expertise to deliver a BI solution tailored to your specific needs.

Discovery Consultation

Meet with an ALTSHIFT consultant to discuss your reporting requirements. This session will assess your requirements giving you a clear pathway to understanding your data.


Data Health Check

A half day session with ALTSHIFT at your business premises to assess the integrity of your business data and processes, to determine your readiness for Business Intelligence.


BI Implementation

Architecture and delivery of a tailored Inventory Forecasting or Business Intelligence solution as a managed implementation project with an ALTSHIFT consultant.


Learn More about BI

Looking at implementing a Business Intelligence solution for your business? Leave your contact details to have a BI expert at ALTSHIFT reach out.

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