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When it comes to inventory software, the options that exist are endless. Not only with different software packages, but also integrations with associated business apps and their respective configuration methods. Thankfully a cloud implementor like ALTSHIFT can make this process much simpler. The consultants at ALTSHIFT are vertical experts that comprehensively understand the wider app eco-system and how these applications are inter-linked. We have found that the perfect solution could include 5 to 10 different apps/services tightly integrated into a cloud ERP system for a consolidated view of the entire business.

ALTSHIFT will deliver a tailored solution to serve as a platform for scaling your business, and to foster future growth. Below is a diagram of the typical ALTSHIFT implementation and how it ties together all different business functions:

Mitigating Implementation Risks

Before committing to a solution, our team of consultants will complete a review of your existing systems architecture and data. We'll provide the necessary recommendations to re-design, automate and create efficient online systems to replace and improve them. You might be evaluating several different systems but they all seem similar and it's difficult to know which is the best fit for your business. Being an independent consultancy, we compare each system in detail and provide an unbiased recommendation based on your specific requirements.

Post software selection, we will roll out the new system as a managed 7 stage project. We mitigate the risks commonly associated with going live in a new system by providing an extensive on-site training programme for your staff, as well as being present for key events (such as go-live day). Beyond go-live, ALTSHIFT will serve as a single point of contact for all support and billing of any app used in the solution.

Unleashed Software
DEAR Systems
MYOB Advanced

Client Spotlight

Being an experienced cloud implementor, ALTSHIFT has delivered countless solutions for clients across many industries. Below are just some of the projects we have successfully executed.

Tigerlily (Sydney, Australia) - Tigerlily is an established retailer of premium woman's swimwear with 26 standalone retail boutiques across Australia, as well as distribution channels that span the globe. ALTSHIFT implemented Cin7 for Tigerlily to centralise and streamline their operations across the business allowing for high levels of automation. We implemented the Cin7 Point-of-Sale across their 26 retail stores, as well as providing a training programme to ensure all stakeholders were ready to execute on go-live day. We also implemented EDI to automate the ordering process for their EDI-compliant distributors. and connected Cin7 to their 3PL partners to automate the dispatch process. Being an omni-channel retail business, we also implemented an integration to their retail e-commerce storefront as well as deploying the Cin7 B2B Portal to streamline wholesale ordering.

Federation (Auckland, New Zealand) - Founded in the year 2000, Federation is one of New Zealand's most iconic streetwear brands. Being a diverse business with multiple sales channels, ALTSHIFT implemented an array of different back-office systems serving as a platform to foster their future growth. We implemented Cin7 to serve as their supply chain/inventory management solution with Xero closely integrated for their financials, with the Cin7 B2B Portal to manage their wholesale orders. Tied to the back end of Cin7, Federation chose to offer a direct-to-consumer channel through their beautiful Shopify e-Commerce store, we helped them ramp this up by implementing an integration from their online store into Cin7. We helped them perform payroll easier by implementing FlexiTime (which integrated into their Xero nicely).

VAPO (Auckland, New Zealand) - VAPO is a high-growth omni-channel retailer of vaporisers and accessories that grew from a humble e-Commerce business model, to a gargantuan wholesaler with six standalone retail stores - within the space of three years. ALTSHIFT implemented Cin7 to serve as the lifeblood of their business managing the inventory and replenishment of their branches, as well as manage production of their in-house branded products at their dedicated production facility. In order to centralise their inventory across all channels, we tightly integrated their Shopify e-Commerce storefront into Cin7. We implemented Cin7 Point-of-Sale for their retail stores, and Cin7 B2B Portal for their wholesale ordering. With Cin7 centralising their inventory business, they now have an effective platform to facilitate their continued growth.

How do we help?

Why use us?

  1. Independent and vendor neutral advisors
  2. One point of contact for multiple vendors
  3. Use our relationships to mitigate risk
  4. Work with certified industry experts
  5. Achieve quantifiable outcomes and gains
  6. Outsourced expertise not available in-house

Our Method

  1. You contact us for an initial consultation
  2. We review your current systems and processes
  3. Present you with a tailored demonstration
  4. Consult with you to ensure the solution is a good fit
  5. Prepare recommendations and a fixed price proposal
  6. Plan the project timeline and allocate resources
  7. Extract, clean and import your data files
  8. Configure and test the solution to suit your business
  9. Provide comprehensive onsite training and support
  10. Review the system post implementation
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