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Cin7 Maintenance as a Service

Expert help to ensure you're getting the most out of your software investment.

An ERP system is only as effective as the data sitting in it's database, that's why from time to time businesses need to maintain their ERP and audit their data to ensure integrity. ALTSHIFT has Cin7 experts on hand to help with anything big or small, whether you need a fully managed implementation, or you just need one single point of contact for support and billing. Your ALTSHIFT consultant will give you the answers you need in a timely fashion.

Staff Training

Have your staff retrained in Cin7 ensuring they know how to leverage all modules to their full capacity.

Process Mapping

Get a review of your business processes and how they translate to Cin7 with an implementation expert.


Whether you want to deploy a native or custom Cin7 integration, get expert assistance with setup.

Account Health Check

Our Cin7 consultants can provide expert advice on data integrity ensuring your account is healthy.

Data Clean Up

Need to make extensive changes to your data? Have a Cin7 data expert execute these changes for you.

General Support

Cin7 service as you need it, get leading support from expert Cin7 consultants for all of your users.

Actionable Insights for your Business

Having an extensive data & analytics strategy for your business is crucial to understanding it's strengths and weaknesses. Get the insights you need to execute and achieve your goals.

Cin7 Integration Consulting

Whether you're looking to expand your reach through new sales channels, or you want to build scalable processes into your operations; ALTSHIFT has the expertise to assess and deploy new integrations into your business without disruption.

Accounting & Finance

Integrate your accounting package with Cin7 to get paid faster. With extensively configurable alternate GLs and tracking categories, we can help you get the high-level financial reporting you need to make decisions.

Picking & Packing

Bring speed, accuracy and scalability into your dispatch and receiving processes with the implementation of barcoding across your business. Reduce costly errors and shrinkage with the Cin7 Pick n Pack app.


Expand your global reach and automate trading with partners through EDI, an industry standard communication protocol. Have up to the minute visibility and reporting into your 3PL service providers globally.

e-Commerce & Shipping

Improve service levels by getting orders out the door faster, and giving your customers the ability to track their shipments without intervention. Up to the minute inventory numbers eliminates costly over-selling.


Deploy an online B2B portal for your wholesale customers to eliminate order entry using the Cin7 B2B platform, or seamlessly integrate with industry leading B2B platforms such as JOOR and NuORDER.

Forecasting & Analytics

Leverage the power of big-data in your business to make informed decisions. Implement inventory forecasting to increase cashflow and reduce stock-out situations improving customer service levels.

Business Continuity

Staff do make mistakes, and even the most bulletproof of business processes are not infallible. A failure in your ERP system or your people/processes can spell disaster to your business. With our vast experience in mitigating the risks of system implementation, ALTSHIFT get your system moving again through identifying and fixing vulnerabilities.

Expert Cin7 Support

Want to know more about our Cin7 support service? Leave your details and one of our Cin7 consultants will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Why use us?

  1. Independent and vendor neutral advisors
  2. One point of contact for multiple vendors
  3. Use our relationships to mitigate risk
  4. Work with certified industry experts
  5. Achieve quantifiable outcomes and gains
  6. Outsourced expertise not available in-house
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